Hi, I'm Jamison

I've been fortunate to work on some world-class projects that have really honed my design skillset for impactful UX. But before polishing, most of my Human Centered Design skills were acquired by just being a conscientious, kind, and compassionate human.

I implore that same love for people and respect for others as motivatation for my designs. Among peers, I steward progress with laughter and excitement. And, although my day job is to make human life better with technology, my "side hustle" is still being a compassionate advocate for the humans I know and meet "IRL".

Meet Jamison
  • Fun Facts About Jamison
  • Taught BMX & MTB Racing
  • Designed & Managed Climbing Gyms
  • Designed & Built BMX Tracks
  • Active Non-Profit Advisor
  • Married w/2 Beautiful Kids
  • Worked for a Big Bicycle Maker
  • Produce & DJ Electronic Music
  • Play Guitar, Piano, and Drums
  • Love to do backflips

Design is a process

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