Design Value

An application that processes data swiftly still needs to show the user where to find it.

An interaction that’s visually appealing or desirable doesn't inherently drive conversion.

A product or feature that solves a business need might not always insure customer adoption.

Good design can tie all these disciplines together to lead any market.

Design Process


Thoroughly understand the human & business needs to inform requirements and refine the focus and scope of the solution.


Gather Research, Business, Development and Design team members to white board or sketch out possible solutions and ideas as a collective of specialists.


Create prototypes for interactions, features and flows to test ideas and solutions using any means that fit your project, from paper to code.


Test and share the solution then adapt prototypes as needed based on results and feedback received.


Work closely with development and test teams to ensure solution remains true to design and that a designer is there to support implementation.

Follow Up

Research and interview users of solution to quantify and address any edge-cases that we could better support or solve for.

Designer / Developer Hybrid

The next revolution won't be televised. It'll be designed in your mind and coded by robots.
Designer Tools

LoFi: Paper, White Boards, Napkins, Donuts, Coffee, Beer
Adobe: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects
Flows: Figma, Sketch, InVision, Axure, UXPin

Developer Tools

Code: HTML5, CSS, Javascript, Swift, PHP, XAML, C
IDE: Xcode, Visual Studio, GIT/SVN, TFS, JIRA
Server: MySQL/Server, MongoDB, Rest, Sharepoint

What people say about Jamison..

build   CASE STUDY | Hear Your Way

In exploring the human needs for those with limited or no hearing, we found a surprising number of people were going too long without checking their hearing and potentially exsaperating the problem! To help our customers with this, we partnered with HearX and designed an online hearing screener as part of our purchase flow to inform customers and offer personal product suggestions based on the outcome. "a friend in (health) tech" would do.

build   CASE STUDY | Innovating with Sensors

I had the priveledge of working with Point Road Solutions to explore how we could make the world better with Arkenet's patented Doppler-Radar & AI capabilities. Our design sprints and innovation sessions provided amazing oppotunities for ai-assisted experiences, especially in the health space.

BOSE Consumer Electronics & Health

  • Innovated new products and experiences in the consumer electronics and health industries.
  • Designed and prototyped interfaces and experiences in most human factors and behaviors.
  • Orchestrated strategy and process for better collaboration between design and development.
  • Researched, designed, prototyped, & shipped consumer electronic products around the world.
  • Participated in innovation-focused design sprints, teams, and projects all across Bose.

Sleep Buds For New Parents

Patent Awarded to our team for the invention of noise masking sleep buds that also help you monitor (or take turns monitoring) your newborn child.


  •   Designed UX for product setup in the new Bose Music app.
  •   Designed UX for product onboarding, update, and Help.
  •   Researched, tested and designed new product features.
  •   Consulted on product teams for consistant Bose UX.

voicemail BOSE AR FRAMES

  •   Designed & prototyped experience's for Bose Audio AR
  •   Researched, designed, and tested concepts with Bose AR partners
  •   Created, Edited, and Intergated Bose AR iOS, Android, and Web apps.

T-Mobile Coverage Map

Designed experience for a coverage map serving 4 brand channels by connecting to users GPS, T-Mobile ID, and Devices-Detection Services to provide a unique map experience for every visitor.
Hosting A Map Party

Building this experience felt like welcoming people into a party so I wrote personas based on “friends who might arrive at your party”

  • We recognize who each visitor is.
  • Provide an appropriate salutation.
  • And help them into the party. (map)

Prototypes & Designs

A few UI Prototypes I made to share design changes with business, development, and research teams

T-Mobile Retail App Configurator

This project moved so fast that we went straight from whiteboarding to prototyping. We replaced User-Flows with Filter-Controls so prototypes just made more sense than wireframes.

Tossed the basic components on the stage to test out my “Filter-Based UI” concept.

Consolidated UI elements above the fold and added better support for mobile devices.

Rolled UI back to the concept of a user-flow by way of controlled interaction states/views.

Moved back to "filter-based" interaction to support more use-cases & aligned to T-Mobile Style Guide.

Xbox Music, Video, & Reading Apps

Magazine and book covers come in all sizes/shapes, so did the UX. Some books have reviews, some don't. Some have Author Bios, Some don't but all offered an intersting puzzle to solve for UI/UX.
  •   Developed interactions and interface for xBox and Windows apps.
  •   Consulted on visual and experience design for new applications and features.
  •   Ensured experience matched platform/brand styles and design guides.
  •   Wrote display code for Music, Video, and Reading apps in xBox and Windows.

Windows Store — Windows 10 Release

Microsoft consolidated its xBox Music and Video Marketplaces into the new universal Windows Store App, I was tasked with helping migrate all the features we built in xBox OS to the Windows OS.
  • Mitigated compromises in architecture and design trends in the name of our users.
  • Coded markup and interaction to keep control of UX in the hands of the design org.
  • Worked closely with design and development teams to ensure a viable solution balancing engineering and design excellence.

Store Deconstructed

Close collaboration between the design and development teams yielded one of the most elegantly sophisticated experiences to hit Windows OS. Welcome to the world Windows Universal App Store!

Worldwide Subsidiary Meeting Memo Site

Led Design and Delivery Teams from 3 business groups to create a dashboard for the annual World-Wide Strategy Conference. Served over a million page views in just the first 30 days it was online.

AT&T — UX Strategy

Met with IT, Business and Marketing Organization leaders to bring the UX team "to the table" as a production stakeholder.
  • Overhauled Design and development processes to align for better customer experience.
  • Created templates for visual design to support continued changes to AT&T applications.
  • Demonstrated UX business value through operational savings, process reduction, and scope control.

Premier Care — UX Overhaul

Led a talented UX team to overhaul an antiquated B2B Application used by companies like Microsoft to manage fleets of employees phones and devices.
  • Led whiteboard sessions with UX, Business, and Engineering to define a more elegant experience.
  • Dove deep into the application service layer to expedite page load times and facilitate intuitive information architecture

Wells Fargo — Executive Dashboard

Led the design and development teams to create a personal dashboard for an executive to track the status of any of Wells Fargos 2,000+ wholesale (internal) applications.

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